Sse riio ed1 business plan

In practice, the upside potential for network companies is likely to exceed the downside risk because the companies have an information advantage over Ofgem. We are not concerned that this would negatively impact our plans as we currently do not have projects that we meet those conditions as even the largest investment projects tend to be well below the GBP million threshold set by Ofgem.

Savings from better management of unplanned service interruptions and planned shutdowns are now split between consumers and their DNO.

System Performance Manager

He has a unique blend of operational, project management, advisory and strategic input with proven track record of delivery across EMEA.

Operator Instructions Please note, this event is being recorded. We release scarce business resources and our clients appreciate our ability to successfully drive their projects through.

Each year we publish a summary of our performance against the business plan commitments. As well as seeking feedback on the way we do things, the document also outlines our process for progressing offers to customers seeking connection to our Transmission network in the north of mainland Scotland and the Scottish islands; including a step by step guide of our connection process which new generation and demand customers follow when applying for new connections.

That concludes my prepared remarks, I'll turn the call back over to Bill for the question-and-answer period. Another important point Ofgem confirmed last week was the use of economic asset life for RAV depreciation.

I will tell you how much it costs when I'm finished.

Energy in Transition

CEPA Ltd reserves all rights in the report. But we have also identified the following issues that suggest the framework can be improved: Any such predictions are subject to inherent risks and uncertainties.

Turning to Slide 5. Power Awards for residential customer satisfaction in July. These documents allow customers to understand how we're performing in the price control. So far in RIIO-1 these risks have turned out favourable to network companies, resulting in added returns that are not due to improved performance.

These achievements across our utilities reflect our ongoing commitment to operational excellence and our strategy for growth and success. The growing use of CIC's has instilled a new 'culture of completion' for network maintenance that encourages looking at the big picture and confidence in achieving big goals.

For most options assessed, our analysis focuses on risk allocation during the price control period. System Performance Manager Location: For instance, RIIO penalties for planned and unplanned interruptions are more than double what they were during the last regulatory period.

Comparison of average annual activity costs by Southern Energy Power Distribution, and Figure VAT Registration No As such, the impact of any changes in risk allocation will need to be considered carefully and take account of the combined effect of any changes.

We're providing slides of this presentation on our website at pplweb. Higher adjusted gross margins due to higher volumes and the April 1, price increase and higher other income due to pensions. This naturally derisks the price control for network companies; or in other words, creates the potential for high returns to be made.

A key factor under the RIIO model is a move to setting the outputs that network companies are expected to deliver. Our analysis shows that high returns are, in part, a result of network companies improving their efficiency and their performance against output targets.

While we certainly prefer the stability and benefits to customers afforded by an 8-year period, we have no concerns with the 5-year price control period. Capital expenditure planned by SP Distribution, by type, and Figure We work in all hours, and through all weathers, ensuring our customers are never without power.

Our focus on meeting and exceeding customer expectations is one that is shared and emphasized every day across all of our operating companies. Meaningful stakeholder engagement and positive customer relations are vital as we enable connection and access to a robust and sustainable network of the future, and we welcome all feedback and suggestions as to where we could improve our processes for the benefit of our customers.

As much as the graduate programme at SSE is structured to give you a broad understanding of the business, I feel the most important component to your success is your ability to immerse yourself in as much as possible over the two years.

Review of Analysis of Network Benefits from Smart Meter Message Flows network benefits from smart meter message flows: Data Request Table’ issued on 7 March ; and investment avoidance benefits are fully incorporated within DNOs ED1 business plan submissions.

Strategy for losses January Northern Powergrid: Our business plan for Page 2 of 45 We have included at annex GL.1 of our published RIIO-ED1 business plan a glossary that explains the key technical terms and abbreviations used in our business plan.

RIIO – ED1 BUSINESS PLAN Stakeholder Executive Summary July Foreword from Robert Symons, CEO, Western Power 9Our planning horizon extends beyond and out to RIIO-ED3 9Our business model is flexible and scalable to respond to the demands of the future SSE.

Our RIIO-ED1 business plan will take us from “top third” LPN DPCR5 expenditure LPN RIIO-ED1 Plan Ofgem RIIO-ED1 DD LPN Ofgem propose Load related expenditure •More reinforcement is required in ED1 as economic growth returns •UKPN submitted 47 schemes for London and Ofgem are yet to review 14 of these schemes.

The aim of these products is to plan to bring the E2E solution to market within the parameters of efficiency, time and quality set by programme governance.

Sse riio ed1 business plan
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