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Just Rei and Sasuke are the only ones left though Rei doesn't have the Uchiha name any more. I might have a story or two that will bash Sakura, but those will be marked when I post them. This one has more humor in it than some of my other ones.

Of course dark stories are off the list since I can't really stand them. Harry will be paired up with Daphne Greengrass and Padma Patil. I might have to do it in a few, but I will mostly avoid it at all costs.

I might have to do it in a few, but I will mostly avoid it at all costs. Harry Potter and the Merlin Intervention - Harry Potter along with a select chosen are trained early by the greatest wizard ever, Merlin, for the perils that lie ahead. I know it's not a great summary, but it's in my Naruto Ideas Story so, read it and you'll get a better understanding.

Your data service will be throttled until the next billing cycle. They do the toughest, hardest missions. This one will actually have a bit of plot instead of just chaps individual stories. Back with a Blast - okay, as many of you have already read the first draft in my HP stories ideas story So I don't need to go into this one too much.

So Jason comes back, but so does Trini since the Gold and Silver Ranger powers have to be transferred at the same time and Jason and Trini work well together.

Plus any with a good Sasuke in them. Hinata can't bash either. The story is still being roughed out and I'm still working on the first chap and trying to think of to do the second one really.

Virgil Flowers series by John Sandford Harry Potter though didn't care for the last two books, but that's just me Negima.

What boatsellers need is here!

My Power Ranger stories. Power Rangers Zeo- Okay, not sure if this idea has ever been thought of or not so I decided to take a chance. As well as ones with Naruto with a brand new bloodline or getting known ones.

Harry will be paired with someone though not Hermione. I will most likely change a few things in Fairy Tail to fit into HP, but not too much.

The New Team 7 - right, this idea takes that Kakashi is stripped of his team due to leaving Naruto tied up on a post after the team passes their test. I'll be updating when I can on this one. Can't find a place to put her really. Not that this will have lemon and lime scenes in it as well as nightmare causing scenes as well.

Don't read too deep into it and be prepared to laugh. She creates a betrothal contract, something that has never been done before. Her clan is a branch family of the Uzumaki in this story. It's a bit easier and more familiar to get them here, but you can leave your requests also as a review on the story too.

A Galaxy Far, Far Away I do feel this is ambitious for me since I'm adding in real life people into a fictional world. That's all I can basically give you since I'm still working on them right now.

Still working a title at the moment as well as the first chap.

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sheltie is a fanfiction author that has written stories for Harry Potter, Digimon, Pokémon, Ned's Declassified SSG, Card Captor Sakura, Legend of Zelda, Power Rangers, Mighty Ducks, Naruto, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Fairy Tail, and K-ON!/けいおん!.

Key Areas of Responsibility: Production of construction information - models and drawings Generation of site plans, access routes and pour sequences etc. in 2D and 3D. Modelling of temporary installations, plant and site hoarding will have to be produced as necessary. Boost your business with our Go Digi plans and work anytime, anywhere with unbeatable rates, devices and data.

Digi launches new postpaid mobile plans for businesses

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Free smart phone. Renew, new registration, mnp convert service. Special number search etc. We have been into nearly all kind of design and shipbuilding business.


Starting with the market boom of Oil/Chemical Tankers, we started building for European owners such as Unifleet from Netherlands, Herning from Denmark, Petrogas from Spain and such companies from Sweden, Germany, France and others. As Navis Design and. Home / Mobile Operators / DiGi / New DiGi Prepaid Plan with Cheaper Call Rate & Daily Unlimited Data.

New DiGi Prepaid Plan with Cheaper Call Rate & Daily Unlimited Data. in DiGi, Things has changed now whereas Celcom offers simple to understand postpaid plans whereas DiGi & Maxis has more “complicated” plans.

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