Bamboo farm business plan

To make a good profit you need to grow exactly what people want to buy.

How to Start a Backyard Bamboo Nursery for $800

Larger farms with land that is marginal for other crops could also realize short- and long-term benefits from planting bamboo even if marketing edible shoots isn't a priority. Bamboo sticks are also used by artists for craftworks and for design purposes too. Most bamboos are extremely drought-tolerant once established, although they will spread faster and attain larger size with supplemental irrigation during dry periods.

Most bamboo plants are grown in one gallon, two, five and fifteen gallon pots. Not only that, house builders also use bamboo sticks to build a support framework around a construction project so as to get all parts of the building within their reach as they render their services.

Some can be a foot short while others could grow to more than feet. Even great and strong men in Igboland take the name as their Chieftaincy Titles because it presents them as great men of valour and increases their dignity.

You could also sell directly to landscapers and garden centers. The record for one bamboo plant was What are the consequences of copyright infringement. Some farms use CAD program and hire computer technician to measure distances so as to draw a master plan that includes the quantity and appropriate placement of bamboo groves, as well as irrigation system desi g n.

Most of the bamboo flooring and other bamboo products presently available in our country are either made in China or use Chinese-grown bamboo. As your customers come, strike profitable sales bargains with them and deliver your products for the money.

There you have it; the 7 surefire tips need to start your own bamboo farm from the scratch. Also, some bamboos are more drought-tolerant than others, so be sure to consider your site's water availability when deciding which bamboo s to grow.

The bamboo tree is one of the all-purpose trees in the world in addition to the palm trees.


It is native to the tropics, but some are also tolerant of cold climate. They will then be transferred outside for the other two months to harden. That is why they are cut slantly and not directly.

Start a Bamboo Farm

Other bamboos that don't get quite as large are more desirable for other purposes. This post addresses this economic activity and everything you need to know about the grass.

Container growing allows a grower to grow ready-to-sell plants without the digging, weeding and high water consumption of field growing. And capital outlays are usually bi g at the start. Have fun with it.

Starting a Bamboo Farm – Sample Business Plan Template

Although the soil still needs to be well-drained, temporary flooding is generally OK and some bamboos perform better than others on sites that remain water-logged for extended periods.

Growing bamboo is a perfect way to cash in on this strong demand. Plus, it has thousands of uses. News ☛ Little is known about bamboo farming in Kenya.

How To Start a Profitable Bamboo Nursery

However, many farmers are raking in millions from this giant grass. This post highlights all the information you need to confidently join the lucrative bamboo industry in Kenya. Oct 20,  · Growing bamboo in remote areas with no road access and no available labor force could make your entire business plan go bust.

You will also need to determine which species to grow. This again, depends on the end use for the bamboo and climate conditions of the area. A business plan will help you to clearly set out all the things you must pay attention to in your bamboo farming business. It is not that cumbersome to write a good business plan.

A page or two may even suffice, as long as it bears the important things of your business. Find here a detailed bamboo farming business plan sample checklist for your ready reference.

Bamboo is a commercial cash crop for the both small and large farmers. Bamboo cultivation is profitable. Bamboo has great potential as a farm crop in the Southern US. Although the market for fresh bamboo shoots is still developing in this country, it represents the most immediate marketing opportunity for farms looking to integrate bamboo into their operations.

Growing bamboo for profit is a fun way to make good money. It’s fairly easy too. Best of all, it doesn’t have high start-up costs. In fact, you can start a bamboo business for around $

Bamboo farm business plan
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Start a Bamboo Farm